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Our Partnership With You 

We have various events scheduled throughout the year, where you will get to meet other parents, build relationships and have fun with the children and staff. There will be regular parent evenings to review your child's learning development, this provide both parties update and to share any advice or support. 

We hope that you feel you can approach us at anytime to make suggestions on how we could improve or adapt the care that we provide your child. You can also do this in written form by completely one of our questionnaires. This will help us as a nursery to reflect and evaluate on the services that we provide  and to make changes if necessary. Nurseries in Salisbury

Furthermore, we work in partnership with you to support your child's learning development. We do this by keeping learning journeys and daily dairies, sharing information regarding all aspects of care. This will help you to be informed about your child's daily activities, achievements, experiences and other vital information you need to know about your child's day whilst in our care. 

This is a two way system, where you contribute to your child's learning journey. You can add comments about changed in sleep routines, first words, potty training, food likes and dislikes or simply anything you would like us to know. We believe that it is a significant way to support children in their learning development, because it makes you involved in your child's progress.